Urban Tech Forward is not just about talks. It’s an experience that continues even after the last session wraps up. Beyond the thought-provoking discussions, each day is packed with action, from yoga sessions to Warsaw city tours and an epic networking party.

Unlock these moments and new connections at Urban Tech Forward 2023 on October 25-26.

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Before the buzz of the conference takes over, lace up your running shoes and join us for a morning run through the charming streets of Warsaw. It’s an opportunity to get your blood pumping, savour the city’s beauty, and engage in inspiring conversations with fellow urban tech enthusiasts.

See you at the starting line!

Wednesday and thursday (Oct 25-26)

Meet us at the lobby of the Sofitel Warsaw Victoria Hotel at 7 AM for a 5 km run through the streets of Warsaw. The run will end at ~7:50 AM.


For those who prefer sunrise stretches over sprints, we’ve got the perfect pre-conference ritual for you. Start your morning with a tranquil yoga session, take deep breaths, and soak in the early sun. Whether you’re a yoga lover or a newbie looking for a zen start, join us for some sunrise serenity.

See you on the mat!

Wednesday and Thursday (Oct 25-26)

Meet us at the Room Belweder, Level 1 of the Sofitel Warsaw Victoria Hotel at 7 AM. The morning yoga session will end at 7:50 AM.


Step back in time and immerse yourself in the captivating history of old Warsaw, all on foot. Our English-speaking guide will lead you on an exciting journey through the city’s rich heritage.

The number of participants is limited, so make sure to book your spot in advance at the registration desk of the conference.

Wednesday and Thursday (Oct 25-26)

Meet us at the lobby of the Sofitel Warsaw Victoria Hotel at 6:30 PM for a tour around the old city of Warsaw. The tour will end at around 8 PM.


After a long day of networking and learning, it's time to unwind and get a drink (or two).

Once the conference room doors swing shut, hold off on rushing to depart – we'll be serving up complimentary drinks and great vibes for you to keep those networking conversations flowing.

Wednesday and Thursday (Oct 25-26)

No need to go anywhere because we’ll bring all the fun to you! Once the final sessions of the day ends, enjoy complimentary drinks at the expo area.


At Urban Tech Forward we are all about fostering innovation and unlocking business opportunities for people who build the future of cities. But we are not that serious all the time – we LOVE it when productive meets fun.

Our networking party will be packed with original food, fun-filled entertainment and plenty of ways to make new partnerships.

Wednesday, Oct 25

Join us at 8 PM at Belvedere Restaurant (ul. Agrykoli 1, Warszawa). There will be multiple buses taking you there straight from the hotel starting 7 PM.